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Project RunwayRecap: Who Sinks The Swimwear Challenge?

This week the designers lingerie manufacturer are totally rocked by a major surprise when they have to design swimwear for Heidi Klum's line but unfortunately everyone is quick to sink in the competition.

This week's episode of Project Wholesale Corset Runway begins with a lot of people throwing shade on Erin, saying she didn't deserve the win. I'm not surprised that her success put a target on her back. Anyways, back on the runway, Heidi tells the designers they're going to take the plunge and "dive" into the next challenge. Translation: their next challenge is all about swimwear, and Tim Gunn even surrendered his three-piece suit and rocked swim trunks, right on the runway and he managed to look just as dapper. Gotta love Tim.

Not only do they have to design a bathing wholesale bikinis suit, but they also need to create a coverup and their own textile all in a day's work on Project Runway! It already sounds like a challenge Erin might really excel at I'm sure the rest of the designers would just be thrilled to see that happen! Back in the workroom, we get to see their inspiration come to life. Erin went to Mykonos, so she's inspired by the total beach glamazon think day party, heels and lots of Moet. Dexter is going for a snake pattern. Sarah is going for a retro print, saying she's designing for the gal heading to a pool party. Brik, seemingly inspired by his name, has an affinity for bricks. "I am Brik, I love bricks," he exclaims while marveling over his brick textile. Jenni's print and color came out totally different it looks like another make it work moment is upon us. Cornelius has no experience creating swimwear and is totally having a freak out.

For their critiques, Heidi comes around underwear manufacturer with Tim it is for Heidi Klum Swim, after all! Heidi loves Alex's print but hates the solid paneling. Cornelius might be in even bigger trouble than even he predicted. His design is all wrong and Heidi is not feeling it. Heidi tells Dexter she's scared. Mah-Jing's denim bikini is definitely another miss and, to go along with it, he designed a denim coverup. Heidi tries to explain to him how no woman wants to wear something so heavy to the beach, and she's totally right.

Luckily Heidi didn't totally hate everything in the work room. She seemed to be liking Laurence's design and both Heidi and Tim called Roberi's print high-end.

Although Jenni tried to change the shape of her swimsuit to make up for the print and color, Heidi is not impressed in fact, she even tries on the high-waisted bottoms in the workroom. I'm cringing just watching it play out at home, so I can only imagine how Jenni must've been feeling in this moment.

After Heidi's visit, a lot of the designers need to rethink their looks. They fit their models before the end of the day and the morning before the show is hectic as ever before. With 10 minutes to go to the runway, the designers are totally scrambling. Let's just hope this show isn't a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen.

I have to say a lot of the suits I was nervous about actually look pretty good on the runway. Erin is safe guess there's a first time for everything! As the "safe" designers let out a sigh of relief and head off the runway, they admit they aren't even sure who could be in the top and who could be in the bottom and we're there with them.

I think my great grandmother's last words were: "Don't you dare bury me in Alex's swimsuit!" Sarah with the shade.

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